Jeanne Chadwick, PhD, LMFT

My passion to empower people has spanned over 25 years. As a family and couples’ therapist, author, and teacher, I integrate the best of mindfulness with CBT and positive psychology to help you live a more fulfilling and passionate life. This kind of life begins by becoming calmer and clearer through weekly sessions where you learn to react to stress less and engage in life more. Choosing to work with me brings with it a range of best therapy practices that cultivate the skills required to live well under stressful conditions, especially when those conditions occur in our closest relationships or in our daily work.

I can help you to build emotional resilience, and communicate with greater poise, integrity, and humanity. My certifications and research in evidence-based mindfulness and cognitive therapies has linked these qualities to greater emotional health and high productivity. This is most effective for those who live with daily stress, or those who work in places such as hospitals, universities, or corporations. Whether you feel that life has deteriorated your mental or physical health, or whether you’re not necessarily ill but have noticed that the wear and tear of stressful relationships has drained your life of its liveliness, contact me and choose to live with greater vitality, and a renewed sense of wholeness.

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