Theresa (Terry) Piotrowski, MA, LMFT

Being a Marital & Family Therapist, and coming from a large family myself, I am familiar with the complex and often challenging dynamics that families have. Want those holidays to be more pleasant? I get it. I want to help people to improve their relationships by guiding them to a clearer understanding and acceptance of themselves and others. Also, my experiences with grief and loss have made me well aware of the challenges these present when we lose someone we love.¬†Children’s issues such as anxiety, peer conflicts, and adjusting to divorce are areas I have extensive experience with. I also focus on assisting parents in improving their effectiveness in guiding their children to be happy, successful, and of good character. Couples’ issues am experienced working with include infidelity, conflict resolution, and communication difficulties. I welcome and enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families. Humor plays a large role in both my practice and life.

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